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noun, plural kro·ner [kroh-ner] /ˈkroʊ nər/.
  1. a cupronickel coin and monetary unit of Denmark, equal to 100 öre. Abbreviation: Kr., kr.
  2. a cupronickel coin and monetary unit of Norway, equal to 100 öre. Abbreviation: Kr., kr.

Origin of krone1

1870–75; < Danish, Norwegian < Middle Low German < Medieval Latin corōna; see króna


noun, plural kro·nen [kroh-nuh n] /ˈkroʊ nən/.
  1. a former gold coin of Germany, equal to 10 marks.
  2. korona(def 1).

Origin of krone2

From German, dating back to 1870–75; see origin at krone1
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Historical Examples

  • And if you do what I wish, I shall give you fifteen thousand kroner more.

    The Secret Witness

    George Gibbs

  • "Ten thousand kroner—that is a large sum," said the gruff voice.

    The Secret Witness

    George Gibbs

  • The bill for lodging and breakfast was seven kroner (about $1.90) for us two.

    Through Scandinavia to Moscow

    William Seymour Edwards

  • All these workers receive one kroner a month, which is saved up for them.

  • And then I up and showed him our wedding ring—cost me ten kroner, it did.

    Egholm and his God

    Johannes Buchholtz

British Dictionary definitions for kroner


noun plural -ner (-nə)
  1. the standard monetary unit of Denmark, the Faeroe Islands, and Greenland, divided into 100 øre
  2. the standard monetary unit of Norway, divided into 100 øre

Word Origin

C19: from Danish or Norwegian, from Middle Low German krōne, ultimately from Latin corōna crown


noun plural -nen (-nən)
  1. a former German gold coin worth ten marks
  2. a former Austrian monetary unit

Word Origin

C19: from German, literally: crown; see krone 1
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Word Origin and History for kroner


see krone.



name of currency unit and silver coin in Scandinavian countries, 1875, from Danish krone (plural kroner), Swedish krona (plural kronor), literally "crown" (see crown). Also the name of a 10-mark gold piece issued by the German Empire. So called for the devices stamped on them.

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