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[ley-od-uh-muh s]
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noun Classical Mythology.
  1. a son of Eteocles who defended Thebes against the Epigoni, killed Aegialeus, and was killed by Alcmaeon.
  2. (in the Odyssey) the son of Alcinous who, not recognizing Odysseus, challenged him to athletic contests when Odysseus landed in Phaeacia.
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Historical Examples

  • And Alcinos did so, bidding his eldest born, Laodamas, rise from his seat.

    Stories of the Old world

    Alfred John Church

  • And among the wrestlers Euryalus was the217 best; and of the boxers, Laodamas.

    Stories of the Old world

    Alfred John Church

  • Then Alcinous told Laodamas and Halius to dance alone, for there was no one to compete with them.

  • Then Alcinous took Odysseus by the hand, and raised him from where he sat, and bade his son Laodamas give place to him.

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