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Little Namaqualand

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  1. See under Namaqualand.


  1. an arid coastal region in the S part of Namibia, extending into the Cape of Good Hope province of the Republic of South Africa, divided by the Orange River into two regions, one in Namibia (Great Namaqualand), the other in South Africa (Little Namaqualand): inhabited by the Nama.
Also called Na·ma·land [nah-muh-land] /ˈnɑ məˌlænd/.
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  1. a semiarid coastal region of SW Africa, extending from near Windhoek, Namibia, into W South Africa: divided by the Orange River into Little Namaqualand in South Africa, and Great Namaqualand in Namibia; rich mineral resources. Area: 47 961 sq km (18 518 sq miles)Also called: Namaland (ˈnɑːməˌlænd)
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