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noun, plural lol·lies.
  1. lollipop.
  2. British Informal.
    1. a piece of candy, especially hard candy.
    2. a treat.
    3. a small bribe or gratuity.
    4. money.
  1. do one's lolly, Australian Slang. to lose one's temper.

Origin of lolly

First recorded in 1765–75; shortening of lollypop
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noun plural -lies
  1. an informal word for lollipop
  2. British short for ice lolly
  3. British, Australian and NZ a slang word for money
  4. Australian and NZ informal a sweet, esp a boiled one
  5. do the lolly or do one's lolly Australian informal to lose one's temper

Word Origin

shortened from lollipop
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Word Origin and History for lolly


1854, short for lollipop. In 20c. British slang, also "money."

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