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zygomatic bone

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noun Anatomy.
  1. a bone on each side of the face below the eye, forming the prominence of the cheek; cheekbone.

Origin of zygomatic bone

First recorded in 1700–10
Also called malar, malar bone.


  1. of or relating to the cheek or zygomatic bone.
  1. Also malar bone. zygomatic bone.

Origin of malar

1775–85; < New Latin mālāris of, pertaining to the cheek, equivalent to Latin māl(a) cheek, jaw (see maxilla) + -āris -ar1
Related formsin·ter·ma·lar, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for malar-bone


  1. of or relating to the cheek or cheekbone
  1. Also called: malar bone another name for zygomatic bone

Word Origin

C18: from New Latin mālāris, from Latin māla jaw

zygomatic bone

  1. either of two bones, one on each side of the skull, that form part of the side wall of the eye socket and part of the zygomatic arch; cheekboneAlso called: malar, malar bone
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malar-bone in Medicine


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  1. Of or relating to the cheekbone or the cheek.
  1. The cheekbone.

zygomatic bone

  1. A quadrilateral bone that forms the cheek prominence and articulates with the frontal, sphenoid, temporal, and maxillary bones.cheekbone jugal bone malar bone zygoma
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