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[mee-dee-uh s]
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noun, plural me·di·i [mee-dee-ahy] /ˈmi diˌaɪ/. Anatomy.
  1. the middle finger.

Origin of medius

1555–65; < Latin: middle (adj.); see mid1
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Historical Examples

  • "You could do no better than to play the parts that Posidonius might give you," interrupted Medius.

    Serapis, Complete

    Georg Ebers

  • Medius did not leave till near midnight and Herse then sent them all to bed.

  • She had no alternative but to return with Medius, and take refuge under his roof.

  • Medius himself, in spite of the scorching sun, could not be still.

  • How she made her way back to the house of Medius once more she never knew.

medius in Medicine


([object Object])
  1. Of, relating to, or being an anatomical structure that is between two other similar structures or that is midway in position; middle.
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