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[mir-li-ton; French meer-lee-tawn]
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noun, plural mir·li·tons [mir-li-tonz; French meer-lee-tawn] /ˈmɪr lɪˌtɒnz; French mir liˈtɔ̃/.
  1. kazoo.
  2. chayote.

Origin of mirliton

1810–20; < French: literally, reed-pipe
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Examples from the Web for mirliton

Historical Examples

  • Beat the caviare to a cream and pound the peaches to a pulp; then add the sugar and millet and stir vigorously with a mirliton.

    Punch, 1917.07.04, Vol. 153, Issue No. 1


  • Bruant ran the Mirliton on the principle that the less easily pleasure is come by, the more it will be prized.


    Elizabeth Robins Pennell

  • Trilby singing "Ben Bolt" into a mirliton was a thing to be remembered, whether one would or no!


    George Du Maurier

  • To give an account of the “Mirliton” is to tell the story of Bruant, the most popular ballad-writer in France to-day.

    The Ways of Men

    Eliot Gregory

  • Driven forth again I fly home, accompanied by the unnerving tones of the mirliton pipes.

    The Inferno

    August Strindberg

British Dictionary definitions for mirliton


  1. another name (chiefly US) for chayote

Word Origin

C19: French, literally: reed pipe, of imitative origin
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