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[muh-neer-uh] /məˈnɪər ə/
noun, (used with a plural verb) Biology.
a taxonomic kingdom of prokaryotic organisms that typically reproduce by asexual budding or fission and have a nutritional mode of absorption, photosynthesis, or chemosynthesis, comprising the bacteria, blue-green algae, and various primitive pathogens.
Origin of Monera
< New Latin (1869), plural of monēron, coinage based on Greek monḗrēs solitary, single, derivative of mónos alone, only Unabridged
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Examples from the Web for Monera
Historical Examples
  • Still, what are we otherwise to do with the still living Monera?

  • I therefore proposed to give them the general title of Monera.

    The Wonders of Life Ernst Haeckel
  • But in the case of the Monera there is no such organization.

    The Wonders of Life Ernst Haeckel
  • The Crystals show signs of something like taking nourishment, but the real taking of food may be said to commence with the Monera.

    Dynamic Thought William Walker Atkinson
  • These and other writers suppose that the nucleus has been overlooked in the protoplasm of the Monera I have described.

    The Wonders of Life Ernst Haeckel
  • This comparison is inapplicable to the lowest organisms, the Monera, which are devoid of such a mechanical structure.

    The Wonders of Life Ernst Haeckel
  • A long gradation of cellular organization leads from the simplest primitive cells (Monera) to the highest developed protists.

    The Wonders of Life Ernst Haeckel
  • We find cœnobia of this kind even among the Monera, such as the zooglœa of many bacteria and chromacea.

    The Wonders of Life Ernst Haeckel
  • The description of this orange-red globule of plasm (protomyxa aurantiaca) appeared first in my Monograph on the Monera.

    The Wonders of Life Ernst Haeckel
  • In the same way the primitive metabolism and the slow, simple growth of these Monera would not come within direct observation.

    The Wonders of Life Ernst Haeckel
Monera in Culture
Monera [(muh-neer-uh) (or Prokaryotae)]

The kingdom of single-celled organisms without a cell nucleus (see also prokaryotes). Monera are the most primitive living things and are thought to have been the first to evolve.

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition
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Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
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