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[moo s-uh-lee-nee, moo-suh-; Italian moos-saw-lee-nee]
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  1. Be·ni·to [buh-nee-toh; Italian be-nee-taw] /bəˈni toʊ; Italian bɛˈni tɔ/, Il Duce, 1883–1945, Italian Fascist leader: premier of Italy 1922–43.
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  • And if you should bring back Mussolini, I think you might get a medal.

    A Yankee Flier in Italy

    Rutherford G. Montgomery

  • But a month after he got there, Mussolini started to pop his goo-goo eyes at Ethiopia.

    The Five Arrows

    Allan Chase

  • I wanted Mussolini to get licked and I wanted the Loyalists to win.

    The Five Arrows

    Allan Chase

  • Mussolini was a Mazzinian of that pure-blooded breed which Mazzini seemed somehow always to find in the province of Romagna.

  • If you think you are going to get us to accept any such Mussolini dictatorship, you've got another guess coming.

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  1. Benito (beˈniːto) known as il Duce. 1883–1945, Italian Fascist dictator. After the Fascist march on Rome, he was appointed prime minister by King Victor Emmanuel III (1922) and assumed dictatorial powers. He annexed Abyssinia and allied Italy with Germany (1936), entering World War II in 1940. He was forced to resign following the Allied invasion of Sicily (1943) and was eventually shot by Italian partisans
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