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nethaneel in the Bible

given of God. (1.) The son of Zuar, chief of the tribe of Issachar at the Exodus (Num. 1:8; 2:5). (2.) One of David's brothers (1 Chr. 2:14). (3.) A priest who blew the trumpet before the ark when it was brought up to Jerusalem (1 Chr. 15:24). (4.) A Levite (1 Chr. 24:6). (5.) A temple porter, of the family of the Korhites (1 Chr. 26:4). (6.) One of the "princes" appointed by Jehoshaphat to teach the law through the cities of Judah (2 Chr. 17:7). (7.) A chief Levite in the time of Josiah (2 Chr. 35:9). (8.) Ezra 10:22. (9.) Neh. 12:21. (10.) A priest's son who bore a trumpet at the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem (Neh. 12:36).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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