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old man

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noun Informal.
  1. a father, usually one's own: His old man's letting him have the car for the prom.
  2. a husband: The office is giving my old man a retirement party.
  3. a boyfriend or male lover, especially a male lover with whom one cohabits.
  4. (sometimes initial capital letters) a person in a position of authority, especially an employer or a commanding officer: The Old Man has ordered an inspection for Saturday morning.
  5. (used affectionately in addressing a man).
  6. old Adam.
  7. southernwood.
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Historical Examples

  • The colonel there with old-man Nietch he won't know himself.

    The Little Man (From Six Short Plays)

    John Galsworthy

  • Then he drank: the strange, careful, old-man's gesture in drinking.

    Aaron's Rod

    D. H. Lawrence

  • The colonel there with old-man Nietzsch—he won't know himself.

  • I'm going to fix you so you can't say it again, you old-man imp!

    Ben Blair

    Will Lillibridge

  • Old-man said "Ho," which is the way that a Yankton has of saying "All right."

British Dictionary definitions for old man

old man

  1. an informal term for father, husband (def. 1)
  2. (sometimes capitals) informal a man in command, such as an employer, foreman, or captain of a ship
  3. sometimes facetious an affectionate term used in addressing a man
  4. another name for southernwood
  5. Australian informal
    1. an adult male kangaroo
    2. (as modifier)very large
  6. Christianity the unregenerate aspect of human nature
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