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[vee-uh; Spanish bee-yah]
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  1. Fran·cis·co [frahn-sees-kaw] /frɑnˈsis kɔ/, Doroteo ArangoPancho Villa, 1877–1923, Mexican general and revolutionist.
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British Dictionary definitions for pancho-villa


  1. (in ancient Rome) a country house, usually consisting of farm buildings and residential quarters around a courtyard
  2. a large and usually luxurious country residence
  3. British a detached or semidetached suburban house
  4. NZ a medium-sized suburban house standing in its own grounds
Derived Formsvilla-like, adjective

Word Origin

C17: via Italian from Latin; related to Latin vīcus a village


  1. Francisco (franˈsisko), called Pancho Villa, original name Doroteo Arango. ?1877–1923, Mexican revolutionary leader
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Word Origin and History for pancho-villa



1610s, from Italian villa "country house, villa, farm," from Latin villa "country house, farm," related to vicus "village, group of houses," from PIE *weik- "clan" (cf. Sanskrit vesah "house," vit "dwelling, house, settlement;" Avestan vis "house, village, clan;" Old Persian vitham "house, royal house;" Greek oikos "house;" Old Church Slavonic visi "village;" Gothic weihs "village;" Lithuanian viešpats "master of the house").

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