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adjective Obsolete.
  1. ready.

Origin of prest1

1250–1300; Middle English < Old French < Late Latin praestus ready. See presto


noun Obsolete.
  1. a loan.
  2. an advance payment on wages.
  3. prest money.

Origin of prest2

1400–50; late Middle English prest(e) < Middle French prest, Old French, noun derivative of prester to lend < Latin praestāre to perform, vouch for, excel (Medieval Latin: to lend), literally, to stand in front. See pre-, stand
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  1. obsolete prepared for action or use; ready

Word Origin

C13: via Old French from Late Latin praestus ready to hand; see presto


  1. obsolete a loan of money

Word Origin

C16: originally, loan money offered as an inducement to recruits, from Old French: advance pay in the army, from prester to lend, from Latin praestāre to provide, from prae before + stāre to stand
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