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[pree-moh; for 1, 2 also Italian pree-maw]
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noun, plural pri·mos, pri·mi [pree-mee Italian pree-mee] /ˈpri mi Italian ˈpri mi/. Music.
  1. the part of a piano duet played on the upper half of the keyboard.
  2. the first or leading part in an ensemble.
  1. Slang.
    1. first-class: dinner at a primo restaurant.
    2. highly valuable or most essential: the primo player on the team.

Origin of primo

1785–95; < Italian: literally, first < Latin prīmus. See prime

primus inter pares

[pree-moo s in-ter pah-res; English prahy-muh s in-ter pair-eez, pree-]
noun, plural pri·mi in·ter pa·res [pree-mee in-ter pah-res; English prahy-mee in-ter pair-eez pree-] /ˈpri mi ˈɪn tɛr ˈpɑ rɛs; English ˈpraɪ mi ˈɪn tər ˈpɛər iz ˈpri-/ Latin.
  1. (of males) first among equals.
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Historical Examples

  • Formerly the kings were but lords of a superior rank, primi inter pares; and they were originally electiv.

    A Collection of Essays and Fugitiv Writings</p>

    Noah Webster

  • Primi principi di una teoria sociologica della popolazione economicamente passiva.

  • Of course, in this sense, Quintus could only be numbered among the first class (primi amici).

  • The young men who play the part of primi amorosi, are in debt or without money.

  • Primi enim, qui naturas rerum considerare inceperunt, imaginationem transcendere non valentes, nihil prter corpora esse posuerunt.

British Dictionary definitions for primi

primus inter pares

  1. first among equals


noun plural -mos or -mi (-mɪ)
  1. music the upper or right-hand part in a piano duetCompare secondo
  2. Also: primo tempo at the same speed as at the beginning of the piece

Word Origin

Italian: first, from Latin prīmus
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Word Origin and History for primi


1740, in music terms, from Italian primo "first, chief," from Latin primus (see prime (adj.)). As slang for "excellent, first-class," perhaps an elaboration of prime. Of drugs, by 1990s, street slang.

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