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  1. any of numerous slender-bodied moths of the family Pyralidae, having elongated triangular forewings, and in the larval phase including many crop pests.
  1. belonging or pertaining to the family Pyralidae.

Origin of pyralid

1580–90; < New Latin Pyralidae, equivalent to Pyral(is) type genus (< Latin pyralis < Greek pyralís an insect thought to live in fire; akin to pŷr fire) + -idae -id2
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  1. any moth of the mostly tropical family Pyralidae, typically having narrow forewings and broad fringed hind wings: includes the bee moths and the corn borer
  1. of, relating to, or belonging to the family Pyralidae

Word Origin

C19: via New Latin from Greek puralis: a mythical winged insect believed to live in fire, from pur fire
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