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  1. a clever or witty remark or comment.
  2. a sharp, sarcastic remark; a cutting jest.
  3. a quibble.
  4. an odd or fantastic action or thing.
verb (used without object), quipped, quip·ping.
  1. to utter quips.

Origin of quip

1525–35; back formation from quippy quip < Latin quippe indeed
Related formsquip·pish, adjectivequip·pish·ness, noun


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1. joke, witticism. 2. gibe, sally, jape.
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British Dictionary definitions for quipping


  1. a sarcastic or cutting remark; gibe
  2. a witty or clever sayinga merry quip
  3. archaic another word for quibble
verb quips, quipping or quipped
  1. (intr) to make a quip

Word Origin

C16: from earlier quippy, probably from Latin quippe indeed, to be sure
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Word Origin and History for quipping



1530s, variant of quippy in same sense (1510s), perhaps from Latin quippe "indeed, of course, as you see, naturally, obviously" (used sarcastically), from quid "what" (neuter of pronoun quis "who;" see who), and cf. quibble (n.)) + emphatic particle -pe.



"make a quip," 1570s, from quip (n.). Related: Quipped; quipping.

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