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[rig-er-uh s]
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  1. characterized by rigor; rigidly severe or harsh, as people, rules, or discipline: rigorous laws.
  2. severely exact or accurate; precise: rigorous research.
  3. (of weather or climate) uncomfortably severe or harsh; extremely inclement.
  4. Logic, Mathematics. logically valid.

Origin of rigorous

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English word from Medieval Latin word rigōrōsus. See rigor, -ous
Related formsrig·or·ous·ly, adverbrig·or·ous·ness, nouno·ver·rig·or·ous, adjectiveo·ver·rig·or·ous·ly, adverbo·ver·rig·or·ous·ness, nounself-rig·or·ous, adjectivesem·i·rig·or·ous, adjectivesem·i·rig·or·ous·ly, adverbsem·i·rig·or·ous·ness, nounun·rig·or·ous, adjectiveun·rig·or·ous·ly, adverbun·rig·or·ous·ness, noun


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1. stern, austere, hard, inflexible, stiff, unyielding. See strict. 2. demanding, finical. 3. hard, bitter.


1. flexible, soft. 2. inaccurate. 3. mild.
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  1. characterized by or proceeding from rigour; harsh, strict, or severerigorous discipline
  2. severely accurate; scrupulousrigorous book-keeping
  3. (esp of weather) extreme or harsh
  4. maths logic (of a proof) making the validity of the successive steps completely explicit
Derived Formsrigorously, adverbrigorousness, noun
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Word Origin and History for rigorous


late 14c., from Old French rigorous (13c., Modern French rigoureux), from Medieval Latin rigorosus, from Latin rigor (see rigor). Related: Rigorously.

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