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rimmon in the Bible

pomegranate. (1.) A man of Beeroth (2 Sam. 4:2), one of the four Gibeonite cities. (See Josh. 9:17.) (2.) A Syrian idol, mentioned only in 2 Kings 5:18. (3.) One of the "uttermost cities" of Judah, afterwards given to Simeon (Josh. 15:21, 32; 19:7; 1 Chr. 4:32). In Josh. 15:32 Ain and Rimmon are mentioned separately, but in 19:7 and 1 Chr. 4:32 (comp. Neh. 11:29) the two words are probably to be combined, as forming together the name of one place, Ain-Rimmon=the spring of the pomegranate. It has been identified with Um er-Rumamin, about 13 miles south-west of Hebron. (4.) "Rock of," to which the Benjamites fled (Judg. 20:45, 47; 21:13), and where they maintained themselves for four months after the fearful battle at Gibeah, in which they were almost exterminated, 600 only surviving out of about 27,000. It is the present village of Rummon, "on the very edge of the hill country, with a precipitous descent toward the Jordan valley," supposed to be the site of Ai.

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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Historical Examples
  • As Keith glanced toward the door, he caught Mr. rimmon's eye.

    Gordon Keith Thomas Nelson Page
  • "Naaman shall not render thanks to rimmon, god of Syria," he said.

    The Little Maid of Israel Emma Howard Wight
  • For Mr. rimmon knew of acts of which Keith could not have dreamed.

    Gordon Keith Thomas Nelson Page
  • I think he must be studying for the ministry, like Mr. rimmon, for he quoted the Bible.

    Gordon Keith Thomas Nelson Page
  • It was a poor crazy girl who claimed that he married her; said Mr. rimmon had performed the ceremony She was crazy.

    Gordon Keith Thomas Nelson Page
  • "I read it in the newspaper and was so struck by it that I remembered it," said Mr. rimmon.

    Gordon Keith Thomas Nelson Page
  • rimmon began to expostulate, and finally refused pointblank to sign.

    Gordon Keith Thomas Nelson Page
  • Mr. rimmon called at Mrs. Lancaster's quite frequently of late.

    Gordon Keith Thomas Nelson Page
  • Like rimmon, the air-god, I caused the storm to come forth upon them.

    Assyria, Its Princes, Priests and People A. H. (Archibald Henry) Sayce
  • "I was--what you said you were when it occurred," said Mr. rimmon.

    Gordon Keith Thomas Nelson Page

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