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Saint John

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  1. Lake, Lac Saint-Jean.
  2. a seaport in S New Brunswick, in SE Canada, on the Bay of Fundy.

St. John

[seynt jon; for 1 also sin-juh n]
  1. Henry, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke. Bolingbroke, 1st Viscount.
  2. an island of the Virgin Islands of the United States, in the E West Indies. About 20 sq. mi. (52 sq. km).
  3. Lake, a lake in SE Canada, in Quebec province, draining into the Saguenay River. 365 sq. mi. (945 sq. km).
  4. a river in the NE United States and SE Canada, flowing NE and E from Maine to New Brunswick province and then S to the Bay of Fundy. 450 miles (725 km) long.
  5. a seaport in S New Brunswick, in SE Canada, on the Bay of Fundy, at the mouth of the St. John River.
  6. St. John's.
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Saint John

noun in most cases, usually abbreviated to: St John
  1. a port in E Canada, at the mouth of the St John River: the largest city in New Brunswick; very often not abbreviated to `St'. Pop: 90 762 (2001)
  2. an island in the Caribbean, in the Virgin Islands of the US. Pop: 4197 (2000). Area: 49 sq km (19 sq miles)
  3. Lake Saint John a lake in Canada, in S Quebec: drained by the Saguenay River. Area: 971 sq km (375 sq miles)
  4. a river in E North America, rising in Maine, US, and flowing northeast to New Brunswick, Canada, then generally southeast to the Bay of Fundy. Length: 673 km (418 miles)
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