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scintillation counter

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  1. a device for detecting and measuring radioactivity, having a crystal scintillator, a photoelectric cell sensitive to the light from scintillations, and an amplifier.

Origin of scintillation counter

First recorded in 1945–50
Also called scin·til·lom·e·ter [sin-tl-om-i-ter] /ˌsɪn tlˈɒm ɪ tər/.
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British Dictionary definitions for scintillometer


  1. physics a device for observing ionizing radiation by the scintillations it produces in a suitable material

scintillation counter

  1. an instrument for detecting and measuring the intensity of high-energy radiation. It consists of a phosphor with which particles collide producing flashes of light that are detected by a photomultiplier and converted into pulses of electric current that are counted by electronic equipment
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scintillometer in Medicine

scintillation counter

  1. A device for detecting and counting scintillations produced by ionizing radiation.scintillascope
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