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noun, plural scle·ro·mas, scle·ro·ma·ta [skli-roh-muh-tuh] /sklɪˈroʊ mə tə/. Pathology.
  1. a tumorlike hardening of tissue.

Origin of scleroma

From the Greek word sklḗrōma, dating back to 1675–85. See scler-, -oma
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British Dictionary definitions for scleroma


noun plural -mata (-mətə) or -mas
  1. pathol any small area of abnormally hard tissue, esp in a mucous membrane

Word Origin

C17: from New Latin, from Greek, from sklēroun to harden, from sklēros hard
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scleroma in Medicine


n. pl. scle•ro•mas
  1. An indurated patch of body tissue especially in the upper respiratory tract.
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