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[sig-nif-i-kuh ns]
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  1. importance; consequence: the significance of the new treaty.
  2. meaning; import: The familiar place had a new significance for her.
  3. the quality of being significant or having a meaning: to give significance to dull chores.

Origin of significance

1400–50; late Middle English (< Middle French) < Latin significantia force, meaning, equivalent to significant- (see significant) + -ia -ia; see -ance
Related formsnon·sig·nif·i·cance, nounself-sig·nif·i·cance, noun


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1. moment, weight. See importance. 2. See meaning.


1. triviality.
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Historical Examples

  • It was taking too much notice of him: it was adding to his self-significance; and a call upon him to treat you with insolence.

    Clarissa, Volume 2 (of 9)

    Samuel Richardson

British Dictionary definitions for self-significance


  1. consequence or importance
  2. something signified, expressed, or intended
  3. the state or quality of being significant
  4. statistics
    1. a measure of the confidence that can be placed in a result, esp a substantive causal hypothesis, as not being merely a matter of chance
    2. (as modifier)a significance level Compare confidence level See also hypothesis testing
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Word Origin and History for self-significance



c.1400, "meaning," from Old French significance or directly from Latin significantia "meaning, force, energy," from significans, present participle of significare "to mean, import, signify" (see signify). The earlier word was signifiance (mid-13c.). Meaning "importance" is from 1725. Related: Significancy.

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