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[sen-sawr-ee-uh m, -sohr-]
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noun, plural sen·so·ri·ums, sen·so·ri·a [sen-sawr-ee-uh, -sohr-] /sɛnˈsɔr i ə, -ˈsoʊr-/.
  1. a part of the brain or the brain itself regarded as the seat of sensation.
  2. the sensory apparatus of the body.

Origin of sensorium

1640–50; < Late Latin sēnsōrium, equivalent to Latin sent(īre) to feel + -tōrium -tory2, with tt > s
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noun plural -riums or -ria (-rɪə)
  1. the area of the brain considered responsible for receiving and integrating sensations from the outside world
  2. physiol the entire sensory and intellectual apparatus of the body

Word Origin

C17: from Late Latin, from Latin sēnsus felt, from sentīre to perceive
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Word Origin and History for sensoria



1640s, "seat of the soul" in the brain, from Late Latin sensorium, from sens-, past participle stem of sentire "to feel" (see sense (n.)) + -orium (see -ory).

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n. pl. sen•so•ri•ums
  1. The part of the brain that receives and coordinates all the stimuli conveyed to various sensory centers.
  2. The sensory system of the body.
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