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St. Francis

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  1. a city in SE Wisconsin.

Saint François

[seynt fran-swah; French san frahn-swah]
  1. a river in S Quebec, Canada, flowing generally W to the St. Lawrence River. 165 miles (266 km) long.
Also called Saint Francis.


[zey-vee-er, zav-ee-, zey-vyer]
  1. Saint FrancisFrancisco Javierthe Apostle of the Indies, 1506–52, Spanish Jesuit missionary, especially in India and Japan.
  2. a male given name: from an Arabic word meaning “bright.”
Related formsXa·ve·ri·an [zey-veer-ee-uh n, za-] /zeɪˈvɪər i ən, zæ-/, adjective
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  1. Saint Francis, known as the Apostle of the Indies. 1506–52, Spanish missionary, who was a founding member of the Jesuit society (1534) and later preached in Goa, Ceylon, the East Indies, and Japan. Feast day: Dec 3
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