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[stahv-raw-pee-yee-awn; English stav-roh-pee-jee-on]
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noun, plural stau·ro·pe·gi·a [stahv-raw-pee-yee-ah; English stav-roh-pee-jee-uh] /ˌstɑv rɔˈpi yi ɑ; English ˌstæv roʊˈpi dʒi ə/. Greek Orthodox Church.
  1. (in an autocephalous church) a monastery subject directly to the primate.

Origin of stauropegion

< Medieval Greek stauropḗgion, equivalent to Greek stauró(s) a cross + pēg(nýnai) to fix, fasten + -ion noun suffix
Related formsstau·ro·pe·gi·al [stav-roh-pee-jee-uh l] /ˌstæv roʊˈpi dʒi əl/, adjective
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