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type of dinosaur, 1892, from Modern Latin order name Stegosauria (O.C. Marsh, 1877), from comb. form of Greek stegos "roof" (from stege "covering," stegein "to cover," from PIE root *(s)teg- "cover," especially "cover with a roof" (cf. Sanskrit sthag- "cover, conceal, hide;" Latin tegere "to cover;" Lithuanian stegti "roof;" Old Norse þekja, Old English þeccan "thatch;" Dutch dekken, German decken "to cover, put under roof;" Irish tuigiur "cover," tech "house;" Welsh toi "thatch, roof," ty "house") + -saurus. The back-armor plates in the fossilized remains look like roof tiles.

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper
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Historical Examples
  • The limbs of Cetiosaurus, for example, or of stegosaurus, remind us strikingly of those of elephants.

    Extinct Monsters H. N. Hutchinson
  • This trochanter is absent from the thigh bones of land-inhabiting dinosaurs with short tails, such as stegosaurus and Triceratops.


    William Diller Matthew
  • This attitude is also ascribed to some of the extinct American Dinosaurs, such as the stegosaurus.

    Mythical Monsters

    Charles Gould
  • In some of them such as stegosaurus the exoskeleton is strongly developed, in others such as Iguanodon it is absent.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton Sidney H. Reynolds
  • stegosaurus (plated reptile) takes its name from the double row of bony plates arranged along its back.

    The Elements of Geology William Harmon Norton

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