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verb (used with object), swot·ted, swot·ting, noun
  1. swat1.
Related formsswot·ter, noun


[swot]British Slang.
verb (used without object), swot·ted, swot·ting.
  1. to study or work hard.
  1. a student who studies assiduously, especially to the exclusion of other activities or interests; grind.
  2. hard study or hard work; concentrated effort.

Origin of swot2

First recorded in 1840–50; dialectal variant of sweat


or swot

verb (used with object), swat·ted, swat·ting.
  1. to hit; slap; smack.
  2. Baseball. to hit (a ball) powerfully, usually for a long distance.
  1. a smart blow; slap; smack.
  2. Baseball. a powerfully hit ball.

Origin of swat1

First recorded in 1790–1800; orig. variant of squat
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Examples from the Web for swot

Historical Examples

  • Well, we all go to the same college, and we all promise to swot hard.

    Changing Winds

    St. John G. Ervine

  • I'll swot up my Latin like anything next term, so as to read about you.'

    The Magic City

    Edith Nesbit

  • However, as I never do much else I'm able to swot the French all right.

  • I told 'em to keep my fire in—I'm going to swot like blazes to-night.

  • "I don't know what is the matter with me, Swot," she added, blushing.

    Wanted--A Match Maker

    Paul Leicester Ford

British Dictionary definitions for swot


verb swots, swotting or swotted
  1. (often foll by up) to study (a subject) intensively, as for an examination; cram
  1. Also called: swotter (ˈswɒtə) a person who works or studies hard
  2. hard work or grind
Also called: swat

Word Origin

C19: dialect variant of sweat (n)


verb, noun swots, swotting or swotted
  1. a variant of swat 1


abbreviation for
  1. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats: an analysis of a product made before it is marketed


  1. a former princely state of NW India: passed to Pakistan in 1947
  2. a river in Pakistan, rising in the north and flowing south to the Kabul River north of Peshawar. Length: about 640 km (400 miles)


n acronym for
  1. Special Weapons and Tactics: a military-like unit within the US police force, trained to deal with specially dangerous situations, such as hostage-taking and riots


verb swats, swatting or swatted (tr)
  1. to strike or hit sharplyto swat a fly
  1. another word (esp Brit) for swatter (def. 1)
  2. a sharp or violent blow
Also called: swot

Word Origin

C17: northern English dialect and US variant of squat


verb, noun swats, swatting or swatted
  1. a variant of swot 1
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Word Origin and History for swot



1796, American English and northern England dialect word, possibly an alteration of Middle English swap "to strike, smite" (see swap), ultimately of imitative origin. Related: Swatted; swatting. The noun is recorded from 1800.

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