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  1. a person or thing that tamps.

Origin of tamper2

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verb (intr)
  1. (usually foll by with) to interfere or meddle
  2. to use corrupt practices such as bribery or blackmail
  3. (usually foll by with) to attempt to influence or corrupt, esp by briberyto tamper with the jury
Derived Formstamperer, noun

Word Origin

C16: alteration of temper (verb)


  1. a person or thing that tamps, esp an instrument for packing down tobacco in a pipe
  2. a casing around the core of a nuclear weapon to increase its efficiency by reflecting neutrons and delaying the expansion
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Word Origin and History for tamper's



1560s, figurative use of tamper "to work in clay, etc., so as to mix it thoroughly," probably originally a variant of temper (v.), which is how it was initially spelled. Perhaps it is a dialectal workmen's pronunciation. Related: Tampered; tampering.

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