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  1. thana.


[tah-nah, -nuh]
  1. a river in E Africa, in Kenya, flowing SE to the Indian Ocean. 500 miles (800 km) long.
  2. Lake. Also Tsana. a lake in NW Ethiopia: the source of the Blue Nile. 1100 sq. mi. (2850 sq. km).


or ta·na

  1. a police station in India.
  2. (formerly) a military base in India.

Origin of thana

< Hindi thānā < Sanskrit sthāna a place
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  • What has Harris been telling you that has aroused you to interest, Tana?

    That Girl Montana

    Marah Ellis Ryan

  • From Fort Hall we crossed the Tana and made three marches down the river.

    In Africa

    John T. McCutcheon

  • From my own experience and observation they were most abundant on the Tana River.

    In Africa

    John T. McCutcheon

  • So it is with the Tana, Fotuna, and the first Uea specimens.


    Robert Gordon Latham

  • Generally this was an easy task, for all sorts of game abounded on the banks of the Tana.

    Allan Quatermain

    H. Rider Haggard

British Dictionary definitions for tana


  1. a small Madagascan lemur, Phaner furcifer
  2. a large tree shrew, Tupaia tana, of Sumatra and Borneo

Word Origin

C19: from Malay tūpai tana ground squirrel


  1. Lake Tana or Lake Tsana a lake in NW Ethiopia, on a plateau 1800 m (6000 ft) high: the largest lake of Ethiopia; source of the Blue Nile. Area: 3673 sq km (1418 sq miles)
  2. a river in E Kenya, rising in the Aberdare Range and flowing in a wide curve east to the Indian Ocean: the longest river in Kenya. Length: 708 km (440 miles)
  3. a river in NE Norway, flowing generally northeast as part of the border between Norway and Finland to the Arctic Ocean by Tana Fjord. Length: about 320 km (200 miles)Finnish name: Teno
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