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[tey-luh-riz-uh m]
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  1. the application of scientific methods to the problem of obtaining maximum efficiency in industrial work or the like.

Origin of Taylorism1

1925–30; after Frederick W. Taylor; see -ism


[tey-luh-riz-uh m]
  1. a modified form of Calvinism that maintains that every person has a free will, and that makes a distinction between depravity, as the tendency to commit sins, and sin, as a voluntary choice of evil actions.

Origin of Taylorism2

after Nathaniel William Taylor (1786–1858), U.S. theologian; see -ism
Also called New Haven theology.
Related formsTay·lor·ite [tey-luh-rahyt] /ˈteɪ ləˌraɪt/, noun
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  • They have branded Taylorism and Cassism as unworthy of support.

    Charles Sumner; his complete works; Volume 2 (of 20)

    Charles Sumner