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terra sigillata

[sig-uh-lah-tuh, sij-uh-ley-tuh]
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  1. Arretine ware.
  2. Samian ware.

Origin of terra sigillata

< New Latin or Italian, explained as “earth (i.e., earthenware) with incised decoration” (see terra cotta, sigillate), but apparently originally an adaptation of an earlier and Medieval Latin name for Lemnian earth (a clay mineral used as an astringent), perhaps associated with the pottery because of its red color
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British Dictionary definitions for terra sigillata

terra sigillata

  1. rare a reddish-brown clayey earth found on the Aegean island of Lemnos: formerly used as an astringent and in the making of earthenware pottery
  2. any similar earth resembling this
  3. earthenware pottery made from this or a similar earth, esp Samian ware

Word Origin

from Latin: sealed earth
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