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[tit-uh p]Chiefly British
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  1. an exaggerated prancing, bouncing movement or manner of moving.
verb (used without object), tit·tuped, tit·tup·ing or (especially British) tit·tupped, tit·tup·ping.
  1. to move, especially to walk, in an exaggerated prancing or bouncing way, as a spirited horse.

Origin of tittup

1695–1705; dial. tit a jerk, twitch (Middle English titte) + (gall)op
Related formstit·tup·py, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for tittup


verb -tups, -tupping or -tupped or US -tups, -tuping or -tuped
  1. (intr) to prance or frolic
  1. a caper
  2. the sound made by high-heeled shoes

Word Origin

C18 (in the sense: a horse's gallop): probably imitative
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