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  1. Hei·ha·chi·ro [hey-hah-chee-raw] /ˈheɪ hɑˈtʃi rɔ/, Marquis1847–1934, Japanese admiral.
  2. Shi·ge·no·ri [shee-ge-naw-ree] /ˈʃi gɛˈnɔ ri/, 1882–1950, Japanese political leader and diplomat.


  1. Republic of, an independent country in W Africa: formerly a French mandate 1922–46 and trusteeship 1946–60 in E Togoland. 21,830 sq. mi. (56,540 sq. km). Capital: Lomé.
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  • They could always communicate with Togo's flagship by wireless telegraphy.

    From Pole to Pole</p>

    Sven Anders Hedin

  • Unfortunately it is pitch dark when we pass Admiral Togo's fleet.

    From Pole to Pole</p>

    Sven Anders Hedin

  • In Togo male slaves work in the fields where yams are cultivated.


    William Graham Sumner

  • The genius of some of these men played a part in Togo's great victory.

    East of Suez

    Frederic Courtland Penfield

  • Togo,” broke in Cleigh, “bring the avocats and the pineapple.

    The Pagan Madonna

    Harold MacGrath

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  1. a republic in West Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea: became French Togoland (a League of Nations mandate) after the division of German Togoland in 1922; independent since 1960. Official language: French. Religion: animist majority. Currency: franc. Capital: Lomé. Pop: 7 154 237 (2013 est). Area: 56 700 sq km (20 900 sq miles)


  1. Marquis Heihachiro (ˌheɪhɑːˈtʃiːrəʊ). 1847–1934, Japanese admiral, who commanded the Japanese fleet in the war with Russia (1904–05)
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