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  1. TomThomas Cruise Mapother, 4th, born 1962, U.S. film actor.
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  1. (intr) to make a trip by sea in a liner for pleasure, usually calling at a number of ports
  2. to sail or travel over (a body of water) for pleasure in a yacht, cruiser, etc
  3. (intr) to search for enemy vessels in a warship
  4. (intr) (of a vehicle, aircraft, or vessel) to travel at a moderate and efficient speed
  5. (intr) informal to search the streets or other public places for a sexual partner
  1. an act or instance of cruising, esp a trip by sea

Word Origin

C17: from Dutch kruisen to cross, from cruis cross; related to French croiser to cross, cruise, Spanish cruzar, German kreuzen


  1. Tom. original name Thomas Cruise Mapother. born 1962, US film actor; his films include Risky Business (1983), Top Gun (1986), Jerry Maguire (1989), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), War of the Worlds (2005), and Valkyrie (2008)
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Word Origin and History for tom cruise



1650s, from Dutch kruisen "to cross, sail to and fro," from kruis "cross," from Latin crux; cf. the sense evolution in cognate cross (v.). Related: Cruised; cruising. As a noun from 1706.

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