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verb (used without object), toped, top·ing.
  1. to drink alcoholic liquor habitually and to excess.
verb (used with object), toped, top·ing.
  1. to drink (liquor) habitually and to excess.

Origin of tope1

1645–55; variant of obsolete top to drink, in phrase top off (on the model of tip off to drink (a full helping) at a draught), special use of top to tilt. See topple


  1. a small shark, Galeorhinus galeus, inhabiting waters along the European coast.
  2. any of various related sharks of small to medium size.

Origin of tope2

First recorded in 1680–90; akin to toper dogfish (Norfolk dial.)


  1. (in Buddhist countries) a dome-shaped monument, usually for religious relics.

Origin of tope3

First recorded in 1805–15, tope is from the Hindi word ṭop
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Historical Examples

  • North from the tope 300 or 400 paces, king Asoka built the city of Ne-le.

    Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms


  • A tope was erected at this last place, which is still existing.

  • At the place there was (subsequently) raised a tope, which is still existing.

  • (Once) there came from one of the kingdoms a devotee to worship at the tope.

  • Over the spot (where his body was burned) there was built a tope, which is still in existence.

British Dictionary definitions for tope


  1. to consume (alcoholic drink) as a regular habit, usually in large quantities
Derived Formstoper, noun

Word Origin

C17: from French toper to keep an agreement, from Spanish topar to take a bet; probably because a wager was generally followed by a drink


  1. a small grey requiem shark, Galeorhinus galeus, of European coastal waters
  2. any of various other small sharks

Word Origin

C17: of uncertain origin; compare Norfolk dialect toper dogfish


  1. another name for a stupa

Word Origin

C19: from Hindi tōp; compare Sanskrit stūpa stupa
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Word Origin and History for tope


"to drink heavily," 1650s, of unknown origin, perhaps ultimately from Italian toppa "done!" a word signifying acceptance of a bet.

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