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[uhng-kuh s]
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noun, plural un·ci [uhn-sahy] /ˈʌn saɪ/. Anatomy.
  1. any hook-shaped or curved part of a body process, especially the hippocampal gyrus in the temporal lobe of the brain.

Origin of uncus

1820–30; < New Latin, Latin: literally, hook
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Historical Examples

  • The unci are furnished with finger-like processes of teeth, which vary in number.

    Marvels of Pond-life

    Henry J. Slack

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noun plural unci (ˈʌnsaɪ)
  1. zoology anatomy a hooked part or process, as in the human cerebrum

Word Origin

C19: from Latin: hook
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unci in Medicine

persistent truncus arteriosus

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  1. A congenital cardiovascular deformity resulting from the failure of the septum between the aorta and pulmonary trunk to develop and characterized by a common arterial trunk opening out of both ventricles with the pulmonary arteries branching from the ascending common trunk.
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