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[uhp-kast, -kahst]
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  1. an act of casting upward.
  2. the state of being cast upward.
  3. something that is cast or thrown up, as soil or earth in digging.
  4. a shaft or passage up which air passes, as from a mine (opposed to downcast).
  1. cast up; directed or thrown upward: The child looked at her father with upcast eyes.
verb (used with object), up·cast, up·cast·ing.
  1. to cast up or upward.

Origin of upcast

1300–50; Middle English upcasten (v.). See up-, cast
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Examples from the Web for upcast

Historical Examples

  • One of the working galleries in connexion with the upcast and downcast.

    The Boy's Playbook of Science

    John Henry Pepper

  • I see one of the cages is at bank, and the force of the explosion is in the upcast shaft.

    Facing Death

    G. A. Henty

  • But there was not one of them whose eyes were not upcast at Zuleika.

    Zuleika Dobson

    Max Beerbohm

  • I should require to know the temperature of the shafts respectively, and the height of the upcast shaft.

    Facing Death

    G. A. Henty

  • The upcast reflection of a lamp and shade, an inconstant series of concentric circles of varying gradations of light and shadow.


    James Joyce

British Dictionary definitions for upcast


  1. material cast or thrown up
  2. a ventilation shaft through which air leaves a mineCompare downcast (def. 3)
  3. geology (in a fault) the section of strata that has been displaced upwards
  1. directed or thrown upwards
verb -casts, -casting or -cast
  1. (tr) to throw or cast up
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