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[ven-dis, -deys]
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noun, plural ven·dac·es, (especially collectively) ven·dace.
  1. a whitefish, Coregonus vandesius, inhabiting lakes in Scotland and England.

Origin of vendace

1690–1700; orig. Scots, apparently < French vandoise, Old French vendoise any of various cyprinid fish (< Gallo-Romance *vindisia, probably derivative of Celtic *wind- white, bright; compare Old Irish find, Welsh gwyn); perhaps conflated with a local Scots word (compare the variant gevenaces)
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Historical Examples

  • Nothing is ever found visible to the naked eye in the stomach of the Vendace.

    Notes and Queries, Number 77, April 19, 1851


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noun plural -daces or -dace
  1. either of two small whitefish, Coregonus vandesius (Lochmaben vendace) or C. gracilior (Cumberland vendace), occurring in lakes in Scotland and NW England respectivelySee also powan

Word Origin

C18: from New Latin vandēsius, from Old French vandoise, probably of Celtic origin
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