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  1. Anatomy, Zoology.
    1. the abdomen or belly.
    2. a bellylike cavity or concavity.
    3. a bellylike protuberance.
  2. Law. the womb, or a wife or mother, as a source of offspring.

Origin of venter

First recorded in 1535–45, venter is from the Latin word venter belly, womb
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Historical Examples

  • Cryptogastra: with the venter or belly covered or concealed.

    Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology

    John. B. Smith

  • And in the venter, water cushions must be constructed to relieve the pressure of the air.

  • "The Captain came last night with Venter," she whispered hurriedly.

  • The greatest part of the estate was settled on the issue by the 2d venter, viz.

  • Peritreme on the venter, longer; body not distinctly constricted.

    Handbook of Medical Entomology

    William Albert Riley

British Dictionary definitions for venter


  1. anatomy zoology
    1. the belly or abdomen of vertebrates
    2. a protuberant structure or part, such as the belly of a muscle
  2. botany the swollen basal region of an archegonium, containing the developing ovum
  3. law the womb
  4. in venter law conceived but not yet born

Word Origin

C16: from Latin


  1. (John) Craig. born 1946, US biologist: founder of the Institute for Genomic Research (1992) whose work contributed greatly to the mapping of the human genome
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venter in Medicine


  1. abdomen
  2. belly
  3. One of the large cavities of the body.
  4. A cavity or hollowed surface, especially of a bone.
  5. The uterus.