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Wandering Jew

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  1. a legendary character condemned to roam without rest because he struck Christ on the day of the Crucifixion.
  2. Also wandering Jew, Wan·der·ing-jew [won-der-ing-joo] /ˈwɒn dər ɪŋˈdʒu/. Also called inch plant. any of various trailing or creeping plants, as Zebrina pendula or Tradescantia fluminensis, having green or variegated leaves: a popular houseplant.

Origin of Wandering Jew

First recorded in 1625–35
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Wandering Jew

  1. (in medieval legend) a character condemned to roam the world eternally because he mocked Christ on the day of the Crucifixion

wandering Jew

  1. any of several related creeping or trailing plants of tropical America, esp Tradescantia fluminensis and Zebrina pendula: family Commelinaceae
  2. Australian a similar creeping plant of the genus Commelina
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