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[waw-ter-lawg, -log, wot-er-]
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verb (used with object), wa·ter·logged, wa·ter·log·ging.
  1. to cause (a boat, ship, etc.) to become uncontrollable as a result of flooding.
  2. to soak, fill, or saturate with water so as to make soggy or useless.
verb (used without object), wa·ter·logged, wa·ter·log·ging.
  1. to become saturated with water.

Origin of waterlog

First recorded in 1770–80; apparently back formation from waterlogged
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Historical Examples

  • The English engineers in the main retained the faulty Moghal alignment, and waterlogging of the worst description developed.

    The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir

    Sir James McCrone Douie

  • Waterlogging is a great evil and accounts for the terrible epidemics of fever, which have occurred from time to time.

Word Origin and History for waterlogging



1779, from water (n.1) + log (n.); the notion is of "reduce to a log-like condition."

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