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  1. Isle of, an island off the S coast of England, forming an administrative division of Hampshire. 147 sq. mi. (381 sq. km). County seat: Newport.
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  1. archaic a human being

Word Origin

Old English wiht; related to Old Frisian āwet something, Old Norse vǣttr being, Gothic waihts thing, German Wicht small person


  1. archaic strong and brave; valiant

Word Origin

C13: from Old Norse vigt; related to Old English wīg battle, Latin vincere to conquer


  1. Isle of Wight an island and county of S England in the English Channel. Administrative centre: Newport. Pop: 136 300 (2003 est). Area: 380 sq km (147 sq miles)
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Word Origin and History for wight-isle



Old English wiht "living being, creature," from Proto-Germanic *wekhtiz (cf. Old Saxon wiht "thing, demon," Dutch wicht "a little child," Old High German wiht "thing, creature, demon," German Wicht "creature, infant," Old Norse vettr "thing, creature," Swedish vätte "spirit of the earth, gnome," Gothic waihts "something"). The only apparent cognate outside Germanic is Old Church Slavonic vešti "a thing." Not related to the Isle of Wight, which is from Latin Vectis (c.150), originally Celtic, possibly meaning "place of the division."

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