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  1. Chemistry. tungsten.
  2. Mineralogy. wolframite.

Origin of wolfram

1750–60; < German Wolfram orig., wolframite, probably equivalent to Wolf wolf + -ram, representing Middle High German rām soot, dirt; formed on the model of personal names with initial Wolf-, as a contemptuous epithet for the mineral, which was considered worthless in comparison with tin ores, with which it is often found
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  1. another name for tungsten

Word Origin

C18: from German, originally perhaps from the proper name, Wolfram, used pejoratively of tungsten because it was thought inferior to tin
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1757, from German Wolfram, wolform "iron tungstate" (1562), of obscure etymology. It looks like "wolf-cream" (from rahm "cream"), but the second element might be Middle High German ram (German Rahm) "dirty mark, soot;" if so, perhaps "so called in sign of contempt because it was regarded of lesser value than tin and caused a considerable loss of tin during the smelting process in the furnace" [Klein]. Or perhaps the word is originally a personal name, "wolf-raven."

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([object Object])
  1. tungsten

wolfram in Science


  1. See tungsten.
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