Yearly Archives: 2018

  1. The Dictionary Is Political: The Complication With Collusion

    by Kory Stamper When we use dictionaries, we think that we are getting a pure view of language, one uncluttered by spin, by misuse, by shifting context. But, lexicographers like me will tell you that language is context. Every meaning in a dictionary is written based on the contextual uses of a word—and context, like people, can get confusing and messy. In these columns, I’ll …

  2. Don’t Take This Word Of The Day Quiz Sub Rosa!

    Tempus fugit when you’re taking the Word of the Day Quiz! If the quiz doesn’t display, please try opening in the Chrome browser. Improve your vocabulary with our Visual Word of the Day videos.   Not sure what some of the definitions of these words mean? We found some items (linked below) to help give a little more context …   lollapalooza tempus fugit bezonian …

  3. Last Word: Misused Terms From Trump’s Twitter

    Presidential word mangling When it comes to Twitter accounts, there are few that are as closely watched around the world as that of President Donald Trump. With the advent of Twitter, and in particular our current president’s voracious appetite for sharing his every thought, there has come an ability for the world to evaluate something rarely put on display by politicians: their spelling. Trump’s grammar gaffes …

  4. Laurel And Other Trending Words This Week

    From LeBron James’ performance in the Eastern Conference finals to some reality stars on MTV, here’s a look at the vocabulary lessons we got from the news this week. BTFO No athlete wants to send people to the dictionary to find out that BTFO means “blown the f–k out,” least of all find out that searches for the acronym climbed 2455% after your loss. But, if …

  5. Did You Know Real People Write The Dictionary?

    This is Jane and she is one of the lexicographers at Find out more about what a lexicographer does by watching Jane’s explanation—it’s more fun than you think … especially when dealing with vulgar words. Yup, that’s right.

  6. Getty

    In Omnia Paratus And Other Latin Phrases You’ve Heard While Streaming

    Whether you’re speaking, reading, or writing in English, you can’t get very far before you stumble on a word with Latin influence. Aside from the estimated 60 percent of English words have roots in Latin, you can’t pull out a book, pull up a YouTube video, or switch on Netflix these days without hearing some Latin phrases in your favorite movies, songs, and novels. From Gilmore …

  7. Since We All Have Infomania Anyways—Take This Online Quiz!

    No matter if you’re a minnie, a student, a retiree—anyone and everyone will love this new Word of the Day Quiz! If the quiz doesn’t display, please try opening in the Chrome browser.   Improve your vocabulary with our Visual Word of the Day videos. Tell us your favorite word from this week below (and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter)!

  8. What Not To Say To Expecting Mothers—You’re Welcome

    Having a baby is certainly a joyous (though laborious and stressful) time for a woman. She’s processing a myriad of emotions and physical changes all at once, and whether it’s her first time or an encore pregnancy, there’s one thing she surely doesn’t need—your unwelcome comments about her blessed event. So, we’re going to save you from a black eye and give you a few phrases …

  9. Toadyism And Other Trending Words This Week

    From lawsuits on the gridiron to scandal in the Oval Office and a jump over the pond into the land of K-pop, trending words were all over the map this week! Toadyism and oleaginous Writer George Will can always be counted on to fill his columns with interesting words, and his latest Washington Post article titled “Trump Is No Longer the Worst Person in Government” …

  10. Motherhood Redefines Our Expectations

    This is Rachel and her mother and daughter. This was her attempt to make a video about how motherhood is defined by certain words. But instead, it became a video about how life and circumstance (frustrating, excruciating circumstance) define motherhood. Take a look at her frustrating, hilarious, examples of how motherhood redefines expectations for anything and everything you thought would go exactly as planned.

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