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What does APM mean?

APM is an acronym that means actions per minute. It's most commonly used in real-time video games such as Starcraft and refers to how many actions a player can perform in a minute. The best players have high APM rates.

For example

I've got an APM of about 28 and I smash fools in bronze!

ChrisTripp, YouTube, July, 2010

I don't know how comparable this number is compared to Smashladder or Slippi Stats but it should still be meaningful relative to your opponent's APM.

@UnclePunch_, April, 2018

And while APMs might be measured for curiosity's sake in other games, they're more important in "StarCraft II" than any other e-sport simply because the game itself is so complicated.

Yannick Lejacq, NBCNews.com, October, 2013

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