About This Word


What does BFE mean?

BFE is an acronym meaning bum fuck, Egypt (or, bumfuck, Egypt). The phrase is used to say something is taking place in the middle of nowhere.

For example

When you find the best dive bar in BFE and it makes your day instantly better 😆

@Jenn2theFer, March, 2018

Not just BFE parking but also a 30 minute line to get on a shuttle. :(

u/mattster_sword, March, 2018

Packed a lunch—cat stole it. Tried to look cute—nearly broke my ankle tripping. Got up early to leave and get decent parking—couldn’t find keys and ended up late and parking in BFE. I have taken all steps to have a good day and it’s not happening so I quit.

@micaelamgrenier, March, 2018

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