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What does BMT mean?

In slang, BMT is an acronym for Big Man Ting, and it refers to a rap song with that title, and to the phrase itself, which is rooted in Jamaican patois meaning a "grown up thing," or adult business.

In internet slang, BMT is an acronym for biting my tongue.

In other places, such as Twitter, BMT often refers to Bone Marrow Transplant. It also stands for Basic Military Training.

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Who uses BMT?

For example

bmt always hating on pa nothing new 😅

@yuluvjai, May, 2018

bmt if you look like yxng bane slide in my dm’s right now, you can even waste my time i don’t mind

@rofivelli, May, 2018

Why do I allow people to waste my time bmt I need to stop letting anyone into my life

@meIismx, May, 2018

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