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What does BTDT mean?

BTDT is a textspeak acronym shortening the popular phrase been there, done that.

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Who uses BTDT?

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For example

TFW when you are pumped for a new PC build but lose ambition halfway through #BTDT

@FractalJosh, July, 2017

Try to write 10 posts a day every day for 8yrs. BTDT. You die a little inside. Blogging as a profession,sustainable: as a human activity, no

@ddayen, February, 2015

Yes, she is. And she's isolated from other women. No girlfriends to talk to. No resources. BTDT. I know the pattern. His NPD, his sociopathy, he'll reel her in just to mash her down again.. probably in about 60 days.

@NanInKansas, February, 2018

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