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What does FYM mean?

FYM is a textspeak acronym standing for fuck you mean? or fuck you motherfucker(s).

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Who uses FYM?

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Funny Memes

For example

I hate those “without me?” ass dudes. like yes fym?? I don’t need you lmao

@_kroberts24, November, 2017

Why do people think reverse racism is real? It’s just called racism. Fym reverse?? We’re not playing Uno.

@nidxz_, May, 2018

Anyone else go to tweet something when they’re upset and after it’s all typed up just delete it cause you don’t even want to give someone the satisfaction of seeing that you’re upset? bc same...like, fym I stay over here thriving as far as anyone is concerned 😅

@patekearson, May, 2018

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