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What does IMDB mean?

IMDB is the acronym for the Internet Movie Database, or imdb.com, a website that contains general information about movies, ratings, and industry members.

Who uses IMDB?


For example

when you decide to watch a show/movie do you check the ratings? such as on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes etc..

@Mirasherko, May, 2018

I know it was JUST released in the US so who knows if it'll stay this way, but at the moment Coco is the highest rated animated movie ever on IMDB

@marianaavila, November, 2017

Sometimes mistakes made during the making of a film accidentally end up in the finished product. One such “blooper” is that in High School Musical 3, Sharpay Evans is portrayed as the villain. This is a mistake that somehow made it into the final cut. Source: IMDb.

@LukeMcGarey, May, 2018

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